For over 20 years, Design 500 Has Created Award-winning Museums and Exhibits That Look Good and Work Hard.

From museums to casinos, trade shows to cultural events, we are adept at helping corporate and non-profit clients achieve their exhibition and display goals. Our custom exhibits can be tailored to any space and any situation. We are as comfortable designing exhibits for space age displays as we are at stepping back in time and recreating the interiors and ambiance of 15th century Florence.

We take pride in designing spaces that are fresh, functional, and flawless. In every instance, we strive to create exhibits that work as a perfect complement to the subject matter being displayed. Our goal is to Enhance, Enrich, and Enchant.

We have relationships with some of the most experienced curators, conservators, and artifact installation experts in the region. Design 500 has partnered with the leading architects in Memphis.

We have purposely kept our company small for two reasons. First, when you call Design 500 you will always talk with the person who is directly involved with your project. Second, we are free to hire the most talented artisans and professionals in the country to work for us on a per-project basis. We have an international network of architects, graphic designers, writers, audiovisual experts, contractors, curators, and others with whom we work with regularly. As a result we can select the very best person for the assignment.